Who doesn’t love free stuff? CreativePro.com writer Pariah Burke recently posted an article in their “Free for All” series offering 10 InDesign table styles, 12 sans serif fonts, 13 letterpress Photoshop layer styles and three color reference infographics. All for free. Well… almost.

If you want the tables, you’ll have to pony-up with a tweet. StockInDesign service is looking to build their Twitter following with the promise of 10 free table design templates.

This is a great way for any business to help build their brand online. Offering items of real value to a target audience is great way to show what you know and establish credibility and buzz. In this case, tweet cred.  This strategy works well with Facebook and other social media outlets. It also works as a way to drive visitors to your website. That’s a lot a mileage out of a very small investment. It’s a win-win situation. InStockDesign gets increased exposure for their brand on Twitter and you get the free stuff. (more…)

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