There is a saying in Taoism: “The shape changes, but not the form.”

Marketing to millennials is challenging, but in no way impossible. Many companies have already found success—and even significant growth—because they were able to connect with this up and coming market. Millennials may be youthful, but they are still people with hopes, desires and dreams. They want to interact with you. They want to customize your products. They will do their research and they will hold you accountable.

Millennial Marketing


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Identify Your Archetype

By Gregg Kerttula for our 15 Ways to Build Your B2B Brand in 2015 blog series

I think the CSI theme song performed by one of the most influential rock bands, The Who, poses the question best:

“Who are you? I really wanna know…
Tell me, who are you? ‘Cause I really wanna know!”

Rockin’ tune… daunting proposition, especially when aimed directly at your brand.

Who is your brand? What characteristics does it embody? How does it engage with your audience? How does it wish to be perceived and received? Marty Neumeier, Director of Transformation for Liquid Agency, says it well; “A brand is not what you say it is. It’s what they say it is.” With this in mind, you’d best get your story straight. (more…)

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Identify Your Target Audience

By Jenny Kosek for our 15 Ways to Build Your B2B Brand in 2015 blog series

Who is your audience today?

Who is your audience tomorrow?

You probably have an answer to the first question, but what about the second? Understanding your audience – the collective group that is buying or would buy your product – is a two pronged process. To remain viable, you not only need to understand your audience as it exists today, but you must also anticipate how your audience will change so you can serve them in the future. Industries change rapidly, and of course, technology and the Internet of Things will continue to impact the products and services B2Bs develop. Aside from industry developments, American demographics are endlessly shifting and anticipating the impact on your audience will be crucial to your longevity. (more…)

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Conduct Market Research

By Michael Isaacson for our 15 Ways to Build Your B2B Brand in 2015 blog series

Early in my career, I had a client who had this sign hanging in his office: “In God we trust… all others bring data.”

At first blush, the sign made me nervous. I thought, “Do I seem untrustworthy? Does he not have confidence in the company I work for? Do we seem devious?”

As I worked with him, I found out that it wasn’t a matter of trust. It was a matter of certainty. This particular client practiced what he called “Evidence-Based Decision Making.” Research gave him the tools to make informed business decisions about product improvements, pricing strategies, channels of distribution and marketing. He had decades of experience behind him and great intuition when it came to sales and marketing but, in the end, he let research and facts be the deciding factors in his decision making process.

20 years later, I’m an even bigger believer in the value of research. However, I now see the value well beyond the four P’s. It’s about staying competitive in markets that are shifting and changing on a daily basis. Here’s how you can stay on top of your game: (more…)

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Conduct a SWOT ANalysis

By Karen Enriquez-Wagner for our 15 Ways to Build Your B2B Brand in 2015 blog series

During strategic planning, a tool you don’t want to forget about is a SWOT analysis. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. It’s a great way to identify and establish a sustainable niche in the marketplace for your company, product or service.

The SWOT is intended for you to take an internal and external review of your company to make you aware of direct and indirect factors that can impact your organization. For example, the Strengths and Weaknesses should be based on what’s internal to your company, product or service; Opportunities and Threats are the external factors.  (more…)

  • Friday, June 7th, 2013

  • BFF – brand friend forever

    With the world literally at our fingertips these days, consumers are free to make highly educated decisions about the products we purchase. The power of social media allows us to interact with brands like never before. Brands have almost limitless possibilities to make connections with us and we can tell them instantly whether we like them or we don’t.   (more…)

  • Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

  • Rise Of The Clean Slate Brands

    I came across an interesting article about brands and would like to share it. It seems that in recent years consumers have been more open to trying the products and services of new, untested brands than ever before. The major reasons for this increasing trend comes from very different factors. One is a desire to try the newest and latest, under the assumption that it will be more focused on what the buyer wants. Another factor has to do with brand trust – which is historically low for established brands. New brands now have several ways to generate instant trust.

    As a marketer, it makes sense to understand this shift in consumer behavior and incorporate some of these factors in my strategy to keep my brand fresh and relevant to my target audience. Read more here.

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  • Thursday, February 21st, 2013

  • Off and running

    Hello!  I’m Brad Fine, Senior Account Executive and newest member of the LePoidevin Marketing team.

    My previous experience is mostly with equipment manufacturers and industrial service providers, responsible for company marketing efforts.  Although I have worked with marketing agencies before, this is my first time on this side of the desk.  (more…)

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    Just about everyone is using Facebook and Twitter to connect with customers and clients online. Instagram and Pinterest are definitely great ways to up the interaction ante.

    Instagram is an app that allows users to take and edit photos with their smart phones and share them on Facebook as well as Twitter, Foursquare and other social networks.

    Pinterest works like a digital bulletin board where users can create and manage theme-based image collections. Ultimately, the tool is used to connect with others through shared interests. gives more detailed descriptions of Instagram and Pinterest and their relevance to brand interaction. They also offer a great “how to” guide for properly using Instagram and Pinterest as business applications within the social media context.

    As with all social media outlets, it’s recommended that you have a strategic plan in place for content creation and posting.

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    With marketing budgets tight and markets becoming increasingly competitive, the manner in which we spend our resources is critical. I have found that by consistent branding, careful testing of messaging, and thoughtful measurement of results, one can get the most “bang for the buck” from your marketing budget. (more…)

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