There is a saying in Taoism: “The shape changes, but not the form.”

Marketing to millennials is challenging, but in no way impossible. Many companies have already found success—and even significant growth—because they were able to connect with this up and coming market. Millennials may be youthful, but they are still people with hopes, desires and dreams. They want to interact with you. They want to customize your products. They will do their research and they will hold you accountable.

Millennial Marketing


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Connect with your industry

By Michasel Isaacson for our 15 Ways to Build Your B2B Brand in 2015 blog series

Keeping up with the trends and news within your industry helps you spot trends and opportunities to make better long-term decisions, aids in your being seen as an industry expert and helps you become a better leader. (more…)

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Build Brand Advocates

By Angie Mork for our 15 Ways to Build Your B2B Brand in 2015 blog series

Marketing 101 dictates that our number one initiative is building awareness for a customer’s brand externally. But as strategies and plans are developed, we often overlook one of the most critical audiences: employees. Your employees are your most powerful brand advocates. Why? It’s simple. They live and breathe your products and services every day. Who better to add authenticity then those that can speak genuinely about your offerings? (more…)

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  • Friday, June 7th, 2013

  • BFF – brand friend forever

    With the world literally at our fingertips these days, consumers are free to make highly educated decisions about the products we purchase. The power of social media allows us to interact with brands like never before. Brands have almost limitless possibilities to make connections with us and we can tell them instantly whether we like them or we don’t.   (more…)

    Just about everyone is using Facebook and Twitter to connect with customers and clients online. Instagram and Pinterest are definitely great ways to up the interaction ante.

    Instagram is an app that allows users to take and edit photos with their smart phones and share them on Facebook as well as Twitter, Foursquare and other social networks.

    Pinterest works like a digital bulletin board where users can create and manage theme-based image collections. Ultimately, the tool is used to connect with others through shared interests. gives more detailed descriptions of Instagram and Pinterest and their relevance to brand interaction. They also offer a great “how to” guide for properly using Instagram and Pinterest as business applications within the social media context.

    As with all social media outlets, it’s recommended that you have a strategic plan in place for content creation and posting.

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    With marketing budgets tight and markets becoming increasingly competitive, the manner in which we spend our resources is critical. I have found that by consistent branding, careful testing of messaging, and thoughtful measurement of results, one can get the most “bang for the buck” from your marketing budget. (more…)

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  • Friday, September 7th, 2012

  • Four is confusing

    In creating any B2B communications we all know that it’s important to focus on one singular message. The same is true for the call to action. If you leave your target audience with too many options you may be causing yourself more damage than good. At first blush, options seem good, right? Not so much. It actually can result in your audience taking no action.

    The other day driving into work, I saw a material handling van with decals promoting Yale forklifts. Got it. But what I didn’t get were the four web site addresses listed on the back of the truck. Frankly, I couldn’t remember any of them (without this photo) because it was too much information to recall for a quick, moving billboard. My suggestion, go back to the basics and focus on a singular, strong call to action or way to respond…like listing just one web address.

    A few months back I attended a BMA-Milwaukee roundtable discussion of corporate and agency marketers. One of the discussion topics I thought was particularly interesting was about agency collaboration. The corporate marketers on the panel commented on hiring multiple firms for different things and expected them to work in conjunction for the best interests of the brands they serve. As one might expect, there were some concerns expressed by the agency leaders on the panel.

    Although we see evidence to suggest that interest in specialized, tactical agencies is turning back to a preference for full-service capabilities, it stands to reason corporate marketers will still believe there is a need to divide tactical responsibilities or brand assignments among a team of agency partners. That is their prerogative, but let’s make no mistake … no agency owner likes to see money going to another firm and no agency completely trusts their competitor. What’s a corporate marketer to do? (more…)

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  • Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

  • Free plastic wrap textures


    The Spoon Graphics’ blog is offering six free plastic wrap textures. The wraps are great for creating packaged product effects as well as distressed looking images. Enjoy exploring your creative options. You can download the textures here.

    The financial lifeblood of most magazines, consumer or trade, is advertising. Magazines need them to help pay the bills, and advertisers need them to communicate to their target audiences. But not all ads are made the same.

    The goal of an effective ad is to relay a single message. If the message is received by the intended audience – the ad did its job. But if eye balls glance over it and the page is turned, then the advertiser just wasted its money. So what exactly goes into making a business-to-business avertisement effective, and thus prevent the page from being turned? Three things: a clear message, brevity and good photography. (more…)

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