A new survey by Chief Marketer, says that 28% of B2B companies have no standards in place when it comes to lead qualification. For those companies that do have a standard in place, what metric are they using to determine success? According to the survey, nearly one quarter of all respondents say their firm sets goals based solely on the total number of leads generated; another third have goals based on the total number of leads which are qualified; and 22% use both qualified and unqualified leads.

I was surprised by the survey findings on the number of companies that don’t have standards and also those that use total number of leads as their metric for measuring success. In today’s economy, we know budgets are tight and people are stretched thin. However, doesn’t it make even more sense now to be smarter about lead generation and ensure they’re qualified? By doing this upfront work, you can determine the percentage of leads are deemed viable overall and truly identify “quality” leads; ultimately allowing you to determine your return on investment. It also helps save time for the sales team so they can focus on those top, quality leads to garner a better chance of making a sale. At the end of the day, if you want to hear that cash register ring, then proper steps need to be taken upfront to give everyone on the team a better chance of success on the back-end.