First of all, as this is my debut blog, I’d like to introduce myself: My name is Katja Huber and I am the newest marketing intern here at LePoidevin. For the next two months I will hopefully learn about everything there is to learn in marketing and experience life and work at a marketing agency.

As you may be able to tell by my name, I’m not an American. I live and study in Aachen, Germany. So when I first arrived in the U.S. about two weeks ago, I was able to visit New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago and finally Milwaukee, I was lucky to see a lot of great new things in a rather short time.

My first impression of the U.S.: Everything is bigger. Houses, cars, malls, desserts (definitely, not complaining).

Katja with Dessert

My first impression of LePoidevin: dynamic, professional and passionate about what they do.

First impressions are important everywhere, but especially in business. Whether it’s meeting a potential client or a new colleague, scientists say that you have about seven seconds to make a good first impression – and you cannot undo a bad one. Some common tips include smiling, making eye contact and listening to others to ensure a favorable first impression.

However, I think it is also important to be yourself – people tend to notice when someone is faking an emotion. So try to just be the best version of yourself to make a great first impression – like the one I gained from my first weeks here in the U.S. and at LePoidevin.