I made a recent purchase at Sears and during check-out I opted for an electronic receipt versus hard copy. Simple, yet the more I thought about it I realized how this one transaction benefits all parties involved.

The electronic option is a way for Sears to support efforts to go green. If that’s important to someone like me, then I have that option to do so. In a way I felt I was connecting with their brand, as we share a common interest.

Post-purchase I find that I’m still interacting with Sears. I receive my receipt via e-mail. It’s one more opportunity for the company to connect with a customer. On the receiving end, I’m happy to see my digital receipt along with other useful information. I learn that because I went green, I was automatically entered into a drawing; a nice, added benefit, I thought. In addition, I’m offered “recommendations” on other purchases I may be interested in. Smart – they’re cross selling other products and I, on the other hand, did consider their recommendations.

This isn’t rocket science, but it is interesting how one simple offering that was of interest to me allowed Sears to have several touch points and connections with a customer, beyond just the in-store visit. These multiple touch points are certainly their intent, from a marketing standpoint, as they seek to engage me as often as they can – especially on a permission basis like this. Nicely done, Sears. And I hope I win that drawing!