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A wing and a prayer

I have been stranded at General Mitchell International Airport [1]in Milwaukee for seven hours and counting, trying to travel to my inaugural PestWorld 2011 [2]experience in New Orleans.  After rerouting our flight and squatting at two different restaurants, working remotely, I took to listening in on different conversations: fellow travelers from my flight complaining of the long day ahead, a mother consoling an overtired child needing a nap, two friends excited about their weekend trip ahead, our server telling us all about her day and how she runs her station.  When the server said “More Money, More Time” and laughed ruefully to one of her customers, it struck a chord.

I initially laughed because it’s a common, slightly sad expression, but then I thought, “I wonder what I would rather have of the two, if I had to choose.” Of course, I’d love more money…who wouldn’t?  However, I never have enough time in a day. So, I would have to have a balance. All of a sudden, our server’s thought wasn’t quite so laughable.

Which then took me down another path: what would my clients I work for every day say? I believe their answer would be that it’s beneficial to have more time in their day to create opportunities to make more money. In my mind, they’ve made the smart choice in looking for an outside consultant to help, a marketing professional that understands their needs and can partner with them to gain back some of their time. And in turn, our time contributes to them making more money. 

And now I should get back to working and a more “proper” use of my time. After all, my boss is sitting across the table from me.