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News flash! Just because your website has a mobile responsive design doesn’t automatically mean people will respond to it.

As we move into new mobile platforms, there’s a lot of value in exploring what worked in the heyday of traditional direct mail advertising. David Ogilvy said direct mail was “first love and secret weapon.” The principles that made his direct mail campaigns successful can help all of us develop great mobile marketing content.

Let’s look at what he said:

“Tidy, well organized layouts actually increase coupon returns.”


Mobile readers view content differently than they did on a computer screen. We need to rethink how we approach graphic design when presenting mobile content.


  • Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

  • PR: A Few Do’s and Don’ts

    Any seasoned PR practitioner has picked up a few tricks of the trade through the years – many of which were learned the hard way. But those were good lessons to learn as it made me a more effective PR professional. Here is my list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to B2B PR:

    Do research media outlets and identify the ones that make the most sense for your clients.

    Don’t assume you know all of the outlets pertaining to your clients. Use a media monitoring service to uncover print, electronic, bloggers and other outlets/influencers that cover your clients’ industries.

    Business to Business Marketing and PR

    Do pitch story angles to editors. They’re looking for well thought-out ideas and submissions that are specific to their audience; if you provide them with good content, you’ll often get a yes.

    Don’t sit back and wait for the phone to ring – it won’t.