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  • Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

  • Google Analytics: mystery solved!

    “Data does nothing by itself,” tweets Christopher Butler from Newfangled Web Developers. He recently published a wonderful article in their September newsletter, How to use Google Analytics

    This article does an outstanding job of keeping its promise to readers. Chris offers a three-step analytics routine to answer essential questions about your site such as:

    Who is using my site?

    Where are they coming from?

    What content are they consuming?

    How are they engaging with that content?

    What can I do to make their experience better?

    These questions lay the foundation for measurement that has real relevance to your site and will help you make good decisions about its content and value to your business. Definitely worth the read.

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  • Thursday, November 15th, 2012

  • Fifteen and counting…

    I remember like it was yesterday.  Sitting alone on the floor of a basement office, next to a multi-line phone perched atop a cardboard box.  On a legal pad I had listed a number of prospects for my new advertising agency.  As I began to make my calls I couldn’t help but smile, thinking about the excitement ahead and the clients I would soon engage.

    After 15 years I’m still making those calls and continue to look forward to the months and years ahead as my staff and I help clients realize their marketing goals.  We have moved up to a third floor suite and grown our staff and clients to a point where we’re comfortable approaching any sized business-to-business client, and have amassed a portfolio of results-generating work for which any agency owner would be proud. (more…)

    Just about everyone is using Facebook and Twitter to connect with customers and clients online. Instagram and Pinterest are definitely great ways to up the interaction ante.

    Instagram is an app that allows users to take and edit photos with their smart phones and share them on Facebook as well as Twitter, Foursquare and other social networks.

    Pinterest works like a digital bulletin board where users can create and manage theme-based image collections. Ultimately, the tool is used to connect with others through shared interests. gives more detailed descriptions of Instagram and Pinterest and their relevance to brand interaction. They also offer a great “how to” guide for properly using Instagram and Pinterest as business applications within the social media context.

    As with all social media outlets, it’s recommended that you have a strategic plan in place for content creation and posting.

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    There were easily more than 1,000 exhibitors at Pack Expo last week in Chicago, and every single one of them should have been engaging the B2B media covering the show.

    Inviting the media to your booth is a great way to showcase your products to the press, further the professional relationships between yourself and the editors and generate some post-show publicity. In a large event with 1,000+ exhibitors all vying for attention, engaging the media and setting up booth visits sets you apart from the crowd.

    During the course of the four-day show we set up several booth visits for our two exhibiting clients, and also organized a dinner on behalf of one of our clients where we invited the press as a way to thank them for the coverage and interest they’ve given them throughout the year.

    Trade shows are no time to become passive; the more proactive you are with your PR, the more successful your show will be. 

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  • Thursday, November 1st, 2012

  • Woops

    Trying to capitalize on current events for marketing can either be a success or not so much. Check out an ad for a national retailer that I classify as an “epic fail”.