Archive for October, 2012 brings us another great free for all: Halloween Edition from Pariah Burke.

Thanks to Pariah for creating three whole lightboxes filled with ghoulish delights and other creepy crawlies at stock.xchng, which, incidentally is a community-based free stock site filled with tons of free high res stock images. Treat indeed.

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  • Friday, October 26th, 2012

  • Dinnertime

    We’re putting the finishing touches on a dinner this Monday night in Chicago on behalf of our client exhibiting at Pack Expo. The dinner isn’t for their customers, distributors or even their sales staff – it’s for the trade press.

    The Tech Writers Dinner is our client’s way of thanking members of the B2B trade press for their continued support in the past year. Media relations is a key component of their PR campaign, and what better way to thank them for their coverage than by breaking bread together. (more…)

    AdWeek recently published an article about a study indicating that “Men Are Cheap” when it comes to Facebook.

    While 58 percent of Facebook’s advertiser audience is female, the study revealed that males see and click through more ads. Here are a few stats from the article:

    –          Click response: Males – 60%, Females – 40%

    –          Impression volume: Males – 58%, Females – 42%

    –          Cost-per-thousand impressions: Males – 16 cents, Females – 20 cents

    –          Cost-per-click spending: Males – 51 cents, Females – 68 cents

    For marketers looking to reach men through social media outlets, this now gives you another reason to consider Facebook. I think this is a good opportunity, especially for those B2B marketers who may not be involved with social media. If your target audience is men, Facebook may be the avenue to enter the social media platform.

    Tired of presentations with tiny pictures and billions of animated bullets recited verbatim by the presenter? Introducing Haiku Deck, a free app for iPad users.

    This app could save you from a presentation disaster of epic proportions! Haiku Deck eliminates the choice for bad design. The apps limited feature set forces users to follow best practices such as:

    One idea per slide

    Impactful images

    Consistent look and feel

    As mentioned in the full review at, the app forces the presenter to tell better stories. Grab a copy of the free app at the iTunes store.  Happy presenting.

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    With marketing budgets tight and markets becoming increasingly competitive, the manner in which we spend our resources is critical. I have found that by consistent branding, careful testing of messaging, and thoughtful measurement of results, one can get the most “bang for the buck” from your marketing budget. (more…)

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  • Thursday, October 4th, 2012

  • Brainstorming certification

    We’ve all been through brainstorming sessions. Some have been productive, others a waste of valuable time. Whether attempting to come up with a new product name, or trying to solve a marketing challenge, real brainstorming can be an excellent way to gather the team and generate valuable ideas.

    I recently attended a workshop through which I became certified in brainstorming. Yes, really.  And believe me, this time-tested and proven process will change your perception of how, when and why to brainstorm.

    In short, the process successfully pushed participants to quickly come up with new and inventive ideas…then push them aside, in an effort to delve even deeper into the brainstorming process. The end result is a listing of ideas that will directly address the challenge at hand, and motivate your team along the way.

    Check out and let me know if you have any questions.