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Media companies rarely sell all of their available advertising space. This unsold space or time, referred to as remnant space, can be purchased by an advertiser at a cost often way below standard rates. But is that the best way to purchase advertising space? If you’re using remnant space as you’re primary strategy with your media buy, you may wish to proceed with caution.

The first drawback is that your media strategy and marketing program is on ‘stand-by’ each month. There’s never a guarantee that you’ll get remnant space in your preferred outlet, if at all. If there is remnant space available, media reps may give that opportunity to their bigger advertisers first – effectively bypassing you — or those that purchase ad space per the negotiated contract rates. Media reps do this to keep their top advertisers happy, for all the obvious reasons. (more…)


I was reading an article on the success of streaming music sites, such as Pandora and Spotify. One of these companies’ main concerns is the need to grow their ad revenue at the same rate as their popularity.  From an advertiser’s standpoint, as we begin exploring these new placement options, it needs to be decided from which of our current budgets (assuming they can’t be increased) will we pull money from to incorporate this new investment? Should the medium be viewed as digital media, or should it be viewed as a replacement for traditional radio.


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  • Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

  • Yes, you need to write well

    What’s the one thing that any PR professional absolutely needs to have to be successful? If you ask me – it’s the ability to write well. Almost everything we do as PR professionals centers on writing. Which is why I was rather surprised to read in a blog titled 2012 PR Prediction: 5 guaranteed (ways) to affect your resume, which implies that the ability to write is overblown.

    In bullet point No. 1: PR skills will move beyond media relations, an excerpt from the blog says:

    While a press release does not necessarily need to be well-written, a PR professional must now be able to ghost author a blog in a CEO’s tone and style. (more…)

  • Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

  • How’s your content?

    Industrial companies (primarily B2B) are continuing to shift their marketing resources by investing more dollars particularly in content marketing, which is the “creation and distribution of educational and/or compelling content in multiple formats to attract and/or retain customers.” For example, it can include tactics such as: articles, social media, blogs, case studies, white papers, etc.

    The Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs conducted a study on 2012 B2B content marketing.

    One area that they addressed was budgets. B2B marketers dedicated about 26 percent of their total budgets to content marketing initiatives last year. In 2012, that number is expected to increase with 60 percent of respondents indicating that they expect an uptick in spending. As more B2B companies are implementing content marketing and seeing its effectiveness, it allows marketers the ability and confidence to invest more dollars in this area. (more…)