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  • Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

  • Social impressions

    Media has been finding more and more ways to creep into any aspect of our lives we will allow. I just read an article in Advertising Age how OnStar is testing voice-activated text messaging, and Facebook updating, for all of us who can’t resist the urge to complete these important tasks while driving. Although it seems as if the airways (broadband, etc.) are at the point of saturation, it appears to be hardly the case; and the more media around us, the more opportunities created for advertisers to find ways to get in front of us.

    Whether or not this is a good or bad thing is up to you to decide. But what is obvious is that in the past we as the consumers have been in the position of receiving messages from companies through various media channels.  Now, with the eruption of social media and the growth in advertising outlets quickly following, the pathways for consumer messaging are widening and society is noticing.  For what once was a one-way street, has become a two-lane highway and consumers can react fast and publicly to the messages coming toward them. (more…)

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  • Friday, October 15th, 2010

  • The power of a “super” brand

    Photo Source: Sky News Online

    Ferrari announced recently a recall of its 458 Italia “supercar” because of a defect that has apparently resulted in several fires.  What really caught my attention in the story was this …

    Britain’s Sky News site said drivers of the 458 Italia were “fearing they are jinxed after 10 of the vehicles crashed or caught fire within three months … It is not thought that the 458 design has a fault, just that the owners have been unusually unlucky.” 

    Owners of the new Ferrari were just unusually unlucky?! You mean we’re not going to immediately blame Ferrari? (more…)

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    I cannot tell you the number of times we’ve been asked to generate leads for field sales personnel, only to find there were no lead tracking or follow-through systems in place to help achieve measurable results. Generating leads is a fairly straightforward process and can be accomplished in a number of ways. The trick, of course, is to generate and manage the optimal number of qualified leads within a given period of time based on the sales goals of the organization.

    In my years of delivering a constant flow of qualified leads for salespeople I have realized the best results when a lead management program is firmly established and followed. A results-based lead management program must include several critical steps to help ensure success, which are: lead requirements, targeting and generation, qualification, distribution, tracking and analysis. Too often one or more of these steps are omitted or overlooked along the way. In my opinion, the first step is the most critical, as how can someone generate leads if they don’t know how many are needed to meet sales performance goals? (more…)

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    In recent weeks I have made a concerted effort to talk with government agencies, schools and other non-profits about our agency’s capabilities on the training front. Media training is a good example of this outreach.

    We have a valuable service to present, especially for small businesses, entrepreneurs and technical professionals who have never considered marketing voodoo at the forefront of their business proposition. On the services side of the fence, we know it’s critical. But if you’re an entrepreneur digging for VC funding in the sand all day, a stray conversation with a blogger at a trade show doesn’t seem like that big a deal. (more…)

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