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  • Friday, July 30th, 2010

  • Thinking about starting a blog?

    Here’s the beginning of a multipart tutorial that will culminate in a functional WordPress blog.

    Chris Spooner’s post, Creating a Stylish Blog Design Layout in Photoshop, shows how to concept a blog design using Photoshop.

    Check back at Line25 for further installments of the tutorial.

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  • Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

  • Peter Frampton and the brand

    Peter Frampton

    What does an aging rock star have to tell us about redefining the brand?  Well, in the case of Peter Frampton, quite a lot.

    I recently saw the icon at Milwaukee’s Summerfest, the world’s largest outdoor music festival.  There he was on the banks of Lake Michigan, close-cropped hair, receding hairline – blue jeans and a long-sleeved shirt on an 80-degree night.  The last time we saw Mr. Frampton he was decked out in silk on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, bare-chested and blond locks flowing.  He had more the look of a teeny-bopper idol than a rocker.  And he paid the price in falling record sales, unhappy show goers (water jugs flung at the stage in Chicago; not good with all the electric wiring), few tour opportunities and diminishing capital. (more…)

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    Whether looking to generate leads, drive website traffic or influence sales, direct mail continues to perform for business-to-business (B2B) marketers. According to a June 2010 survey by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), “direct mail and e-mail still top the list for most used media” by those engaged in B2B marketing. 

    The survey goes on to report that as many as 67 percent of B2B marketers who responded to the survey utilize direct mail or e-mail in their ongoing marketing efforts. The chart above shows the other media most often used by business marketers. (more…)

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    Everyone wants to know how you do social/online marketing, right?  I’ve now attended the Online Marketing Summit in Milwaukee, several webinars and have read many topic-related articles, and my conclusion is that there really isn’t a “right” way or algorithm that leads to guaranteed success.

    That being said, I can suggest that there are basic, strategic principles and best practices that should be followed in order to steer social marketing campaigns in the right direction.  The overall theme I’ve found is that even in the social and online realms, traditional marketing strategies and business goals should be the driving force behind your efforts.  As Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Evangelist, puts it, “You don’t need to have a ‘social media’ plan…Your marketing plan needs to be ‘social’.” (more…)

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  • Monday, July 19th, 2010

  • I like you…just don’t text me

    Seems that we’re all dependent on our cell phones these days, especially for immediate communication and the gathering of information. But how do you feel about receiving advertising messages through your beloved phone?

    In a recent article in Brandweek, Harris Interactive conducted a poll that revealed some consumers would be interested. Of those asked if they gave permission to the marketer, how interested would they be in receiving text alerts on their cell phone/smartphone, 33 percent responded extremely interest/very interested/somewhat. (more…)

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  • Thursday, July 8th, 2010

  • Forward, always forward

    Here’s something that has never occurred to me before:  How many life-threatening “opportunities” does anyone navigate in a lifetime?  One, maybe two?  I would anticipate that the majority of folks don’t go out of their way to confront these situations, but there’s something to be learned from finding yourself there.

    I recently had the chance to climb a switch-backed Montana mountainside.  It was steep, but my party made it to the crest of the first level without issue following the century-old path.  But then there was a secondary route to the jutting rock above the landing.  Why not? (more…)

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  • Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

  • Lessons from the green

    Team photo

    2010 BMA Golf Outing. From left to right: Judson Luke, Karen Enriquez-Wagner, Dean LePoidevin and Jim Doll.

    As a follow-up to my previous blog, I have now officially played my first game of golf. A few lessons learned:

    1. Golf is harder than it looks. Even with a driver, or what I refer to as the “big club,” it’s still hard hitting that little white ball. And that ball looks a lot smaller up-close!


    It may be fitting that as we celebrate the summer solstice we also celebrate the changing of our company’s name.  I’m proud to announce the full-service business-to-business firm formerly known as LRG is now LePoidevin Marketing.

    While the season has just changed, our address and the people at LePoidevin Marketing have not.  We continue to boast a strong team of experienced creative, PR and marketing professionals ready to surpass short- and long-term client needs.  I am very proud of each individual who has chosen to call this agency “home,” and who continues to provide excellent counsel, direction, ideas and support to our clients.   (more…)