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  • Thursday, April 29th, 2010

  • Triangulating the ideal brand position

    We are all used to hearing that a brand is much more than the logo and tagline. It is also important to remember that brand development – when done right – can earn a premium price or help build true customer loyalty at a time when loyalty is harder and harder to come by. Building and positioning a brand is about gaining all the insights possible, and putting the strategies and tactics in place to capitalize on them. (more…)

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  • Monday, April 26th, 2010

  • Dog adoption made easy

    Or so I thought.  My wife and I lost our chocolate Labrador last spring to cancer and have just now gotten to the point where we’re emotionally ready to replace him.  Given our busy lifestyles, we are looking for a dog to adopt as opposed to getting a puppy and starting his or her training from “scratch.”

    My wife and I truly love dogs and eagerly look forward to the next addition to the family.  We agree on how important a dog is to all of us, but disagree on breed selection.  I admit to being quite fond of big dogs, while she really wants a smaller dog this time around.  Armed with this information, my wife has taken on the initiative to find our next furry friend. (more…)

  • Friday, April 23rd, 2010

  • What’s a Facebook fan worth?

    As more and more companies (particularly on the B2B side) embrace social media and proactively look for ways to engage customers, it’s important to try to get your hands around what type of return you’re receiving. Especially in today’s economy, you have to be able to justify the resources you’re investing in a medium like Facebook. A fan base allows you to maintain an ongoing relationship with your customer or prospect, but how do you put a value to those fans in terms of ROI? (more…)

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  • Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

  • Where the ideas are

    Where do the great ideas come from? Is it something you eat, a special prayer before you go to bed or how about vitamins? I say none of the above (although the praying doesn’t hurt); it’s bicycling.

    Out there in the saddle between Burlington and Union, Woodstock and Genoa City, Lake Geneva and Mukwonago (yes, that Mukwonago), there’s nothing on your mind except the pain in your butt. This is where great ideas are born — a clear conscience, no agenda to think about beyond the next rest stop and a 25 mph gale that always seems to be in your face. (more…)

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  • Friday, April 16th, 2010

  • Hear ye! Hear ye!

    “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” — Epictetus

    After weeks of battling a sinus infection, head cold or some other nasty affliction, I am still having trouble hearing in my right ear. I made an appointment with the doctor, and listened to what he had to say.

    I ended up taking a regiment of antibiotics, various over-the-counter meds, Neti pot sinus rinses, nasal sprays, lymphatic massage, ear candling…and even layed down on a heating pad or two. I also sought the advice of an herbalist and tried placing a clove of fresh garlic in my ear overnight!  Nothing is working. (more…)

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  • Friday, April 9th, 2010

  • I love LiteSteel™ beam

    Over the last two years we’ve had the pleasure of helping launch LSB® – a new structural building product for the U.S. home builder market. On a personal level, it continues to be a privilege to lead the team that supports the LiteSteel Technologies team that has literally built the U.S. operation from the ground up. (Now, we love ALL our clients so no one get jealous, please!)


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    I met a woman two months ago at a public relations meet n’ greet who billed herself as a social media guru. We spoke for a little while and exchanged business cards.

    A few days later I was talking with a colleague who works in e-marketing for a local B2B firm, and this woman’s name came up. She asked me what I thought of her. I replied saying I had just met her for the first time that night and she seemed knowledgeable. I asked my friend why she was asking, and she said her company had hired her to teach social media skills to the sales force. She did a good job and they wanted to hire her for another session, but they never heard from her again. (more…)

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    Ah, customer service.  It’s the thing that every customer comes to adore or despise about everything from the grocery store to the dog groomer.  And it’s a little like how Supreme Court justice Potter Stewart defined obscenity:  I know it when I see it. 

    Or, as the case may be, I know it when it’s done poorly. (more…)

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